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UNBREAKcable offers a standard 12-month warranty for all our products (no registration required) and a 24-month additional warranty on all our products, which requires registration. If you haven’t yet registered for an additional warranty, Just click Warranty Registration to do so. It only takes a minute.

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If you have any issues with your UNBREAKcable product(s), this is the place where we can resolve your issue right away. To do so, fill out the information required below and we’ll take care of your request within one working day.

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UNBREAKcable Warranty Policy

Warranty Agreement

UNBREAKcable guarantees that all UNBREAKcable manufactured products undergo strenuous quality control testing before delivery. In the event that any product defect (nonconformity) occurred with respect to the product, UNBREAKcable will provide product repair and replacement service within the warranty period according to this agreement.

Repair and Replacement Guidelines

Customers with UNBREAKcable manufactured products are entitled to repair or replace of products within the duration of the warranty. Replacement products are guaranteed to have similar or exact specification items and components.


1. All replacement does not have new warranties attached but will be covered by the warranties of the original purchases.

2. Claimers must provide sufficient proof of purchase. Purchase proofs including order number (order ID) made from online purchases.

3. UNBREAKcable may ask for more than one type of purchase proofs and may require returning an item for defection inspection.

The Warranty is NOT subject to the following conditions:

1. Gifts from UNBREAKcable (without Order ID), refunded purchases, stolen purchases or purchases from unauthorized channels such as second-hand deals platforms.

2. Manufactured products misused or abused due to non-compliance with the UNBREAKcable product manual.

3. Any damage caused by Natural Disasters, such as floods, conflagrations, earthquakes, lightning, typhoons, etc.; Actions of Intent, such as bumping, hammering, etc.; Computer Malfunction, or other abnormal uses.

4. Any damage caused by the repair or modification by anyone other than UNBREAKcable-authorized personnel.

5. Any damage resulting from physical/electronic/electromagnetic pressure and interference, unstable or misused power supply, lightning, and static electricity, flame or other acts of God, etc.

6. Any damage caused by exposure to improper environments for the specified device, such as high temperature, high humidity, etc.

7. Any damage caused by any research or development usage or professional testing/examination.

8. Any damage caused by pets, such as cable bit off by cats


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You now have a 36-month warranty for your UNBREAKcable product(s).

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