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Information with * is necessary to submit your UNBREAKcable warrants to replace or refund for any quality related defects occurred during warranty period. All replacements do not have new warranties but will be covered by the warranties of the original purchases.egistration form.

Please note that the following situations are not eligible for warranty claim:

Gifts without order ID

Refunded purchase

Stolen purchase

Purchases from unauthorized channel such as second hand deals platforms

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Repair and Replacement Guidelines

All customers who purchased through UNBREAKcable official channels and have detailed order information are entitled to one free repair or product replacement within the warranty period. Replacement products are guaranteed to have similar or identical specification items and components.



1. All replacement products do not come with a new warranty, but may in some special cases be covered by the warranty of the original purchase order.

2. Aftermarket products must provide sufficient proof of purchase:

    1). Your order ID

    2). The screenshot of your order

    3). Pictures/Videos that clearly show the product problem

3. UNBREAKcable may request more than one type of proof of purchase and may need to return merchandise for defect inspection.

The Warranty is NOT Subject to the Following Conditions:

1. UNBREAKcable gifts (without order ID), chargebacks, stolen orders, second-hand trading platforms, and other non-authorized channel purchasing orders.

2. Any misuse or abuse inconsistent with the instructions.

3. Damage caused by any natural disaster, such as flood, fire, earthquake, lightning, typhoon, etc. Collision, hammering, etc. caused by human actions. The computer/mobile phone itself is faulty, or other abnormal use.

4. Ddamage caused by repair or modification by personnel not authorized by UNBREAKcable.

5. Damage caused by physical/electronic/electromagnetic pressure and interference, unstable or misuse of power supply, lightning strike, static electricity, flame, or other force majeure.

6. Any damage to the device due to exposure to inappropriate environments, such as high temperature, high humidity, etc.

7. Damage caused by any R&D use or professional testing/inspection.

8. Any damage due to an animal, such as a cable being bitten off by an animal.



Your UNBREAKcable purchase is now guarded by a 36- month warranty!

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