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10 Excellent Emoji Apps for iPhone 2021

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Nowadays, pretty much everyone on the Internet uses Emojis in their day-to-day conversations with friends, family, and colleagues. Emojis are perfect depictions of your facial expressions and make your chats fun and friendly. 

If you want a unique collection of emojis or more customizable emojis used in iMessage or other messaging apps, check out these 10 amazing iPhone Emoji Apps.

 ● Bitmoji                                               ● Kaomoji -- Japanese Emoticon   

● Emoji>                                                ● SMS Rage Faces - 3000+ Faces and Memes

● Emojis for iPhone                               ● Guess The Emoji        

● Emojis-Keyboard                                ● Moji Maker

● Facemoji: 3D Emoji Avatar App          ● 5000+ Emoji


 1. Bitmoji 


Ratings: 4.2/5 (92.5K Ratings)

With Bitmoji, you get to design your own self! Make your avatar, dress up in different outfits, surround yourself in flames, or show off your breakdance moves! It also has a Friendmoji feature which allows you to share stickers of you and your friends’ avatar. 



✅ Supports family sharing

❎ No multilple Bitmojis option

✅ Frequent updates

❎ Some bugs reported

✅ Can be used on all messaging apps



2. Emoji>


Ratings: 4.4/5 (22.7K Ratings)

It allows you to use hundreds of emojis and stickers which you can share with your friends. It also gives you the option of requesting the developer to make emojis of your choice! 



✅ Good customer service

❎ Stickers rather than emojis

✅ Unique emojis

❎ Requires full access

3. Emojis for iPhone

Emojis for iPhone

Ratings: 4.1/5 (1.8K Ratings)     

“Emojis for iPhone” not only has fun emojis but also fun puzzle games. You can share large emojis, emoji art, emoji text, and much more! 



✅ Fun puzzle games

❎ Requires you to rate app before use

✅ Emoji text

❎ Infrequent updates

✅ Provides emoji art



4. Emoji – Keyboard

Emoji – Keyboard

Ratings: 4.6/5 (2.8K Ratings) 

This app has an emoji keyboard along with the option of different fonts that you can use in other apps. It also allows you to edit your emojis. 



✅ Animated

❎ Some bugs reported

✅ 3D emoticons


✅ 1500 emoticons



5. Facemoji: 3D Emoji Avatar App


Ratings: 4.5/5 (7.1K Ratings)

If your device does not have Animoji, worry not! Facemoji provides you the same feature as Memoji so go download it from the App Store and share fun videos with your friends!



✅ Best replacement app for Animoji

❎ Requires personal information

✅ Frequent updates

❎ Account creation required for under 12


6. Kaomoji -- Japanese Emoticons


Ratings: 4.8/5 (3.4K Ratings)     

This app contains old-school emojis which can be shared and copied to your chat. It provides you with over 10,000 different emoticons. 



✅ Japanese emoticons

❎ Not a keyboard

✅ Cute emoticons


✅ Organized



7. SMS Rage Faces - 3000+ Faces and Memes

SMS Rage Faces

Ratings: 4.6/5 (639 Ratings)   

This app provides you with customizable emojis. You can even use your own face in the Camera Booth. If you and your friends are a fan of memes, this app is the way to go!    



✅ Enhances the words

 No updates since 2016

✅ Perfect for dry humor


✅ Fabulous depth of ideas


8. Guess The Emoji

Guess The Emoji

Ratings: 4.5/5 ( 30.2K Ratings)  

As opposed to other apps, “Guess The Emoji” is a guessing game. It is a great time-pass and an extremely addicting game.




✅ Convenient for all ages

Excess of Ads

✅ Easy to play


✅ Fun game


9. Moji Maker

Moji Maker

Ratings: 4.2/5 (15.2K Ratings) 

It is the perfect app for personalized emojis that can be linked with your keyboard. It became the best app of 2016 when it came out and has been popular ever since.



✅ Customized emojis

Last updated in Feb 2019

✅ Good graphics

 ❎ Expensive subscription

✅ Easy to use

10. 5000+ Emoji

5000+ Emoji

Ratings: 4.3/5 (2.7K Ratings)

Last but not least “5000+ Emoji”, created by ONE App Essentials allows you to use the largest collection of emojis to express yourself on any app! 



✅ 5000+ emojis

More like stickers

✅ Free

 ❎ Have to go to the app to use emojis

✅ Nicely detailed emojis

How to Use Emoji on Your iPhone 

1. Add Emoji on Your iPhone Keyboard

The iPhone Keyboard does not have the emoji feature enabled by default. You have to enable them manually. Follow these few easy steps to enable it.

● Go to “Settings”. 

Emoji Apps for iPhone

● Tap on “General”.

Emoji Apps for iPhone

● Tap on “Keyboard.”

Emoji Apps for iPhone

● Select “Keyboards” and then tap on “Add New Keyboard”. 

Emoji Apps for iPhone

● Swipe through till you find “Emoji”, Select it to enable it. 

Emoji Apps for iPhone

2. Use Emoji on Your iPhone

After enabling the Emoji Keyboard, follow these steps to use emojis on your iPhone.

● Tap on the app you want to use.

● Tap on the text field.

● Tap on the Smiley Face at the left bottom of the keyboard.

Emoji Apps for iPhone

● Swipe left or right to browse through the emojis.

● Tap the emoji you want to use.

● Tap the version of the emoji you want to use.

Emoji Apps for iPhone