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Is it Safe to Use My Phone While Charging?

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Have you ever plugged in your charger and started using your phone, while the battery is almost dead? What if I tell you that there are actual cases where the phones have exploded while being plugged in? Surely, this will make you worried about your safety, and in this article, we will explore whether your phone is safe to use while charging or not.

 Use Phone While Charging

Effects of Using Your Phone while Charging it

  • It Affects the Charging Speed

When your phone is charging, the power management system sees where the power is going in the phone. For example, it sees that whether the phone is being used by the battery or is it being used by other apps? This and other user operations itself consumes extra power! As a result charging slows down.

However, if your device is not in use while charging, all the power goes directly to the battery. Hence, it gets charged at a relatively fast speed.

So leave your phone alone, for crying out loud and let it soak up all the power.


  • Heating Up

Just like a car your phone also heats up. Surprised? Don't be, because every machine out there heats up if used for an extended time without rest. 

So if you use your phone for too long, chances are it will heat up to some extent. But that won't cause any significant damage. The problem arises when the phone is already connected to a power supply, so using it during that time sort of doubles the heat generation. It can affect your phone in several ways:

  1. Damage the hardware
  2. Lower the speed of the phone
  3. Cause the battery to swell resulting in an explosion


  • Damaging the Cable

Pacing around the room, while on a call is a common practice and many people do it without realizing. It is similar to biting your nails as we do it subconsciously.

Moving around or changing positions when using your phone that is charging can cause the cable to twist and pull, damaging it in the process. These cables are very delicate and even a slight twist can disrupt the power flow. This can also cause the phone to overheat due to poor connection.

So, stay away from your phone when you give it a break while it charges.


  • Decreases Battery Life

Using your phone while it is charging can affect the battery life in the long run. Power is used to light up your screen and run other apps which results in overheating. It may not seem dangerous at that time, but it is like slow poison, damaging and decreasing your battery life over time.

So, let your battery live a long life and stop using your phone while it's recharging.

Decreases Battery Life


  • Electric Shock

Getting shocked while using anything plugged to an electric outlet is imminent if proper safety precautions aren't taken. So getting electrocuted while using your phone when it's charging is quite probable.

Make sure the charger is properly inserted in the socket and not hanging out loosely. Also, make sure there's no liquid near the socket or on your hands or face. Ideally, you shouldn't be using your phone while it's on charge, but if you're trying to prove yourself to be a superhero, make sure to take all the necessary precautions if you don't want to get zapped.


Tips to Charge Your Phone Without Risking Your Life

tips to Charge Your Phone Without Risking Your Life

Now that the hazards of using your phone while charging are clear, let me give you a few tips on how to stay safe during the charging process.
  • Always use quality charging cables.
  • Keep your phone in the open while it is charging, not under a pillow or anything.
  • Do not leave your phone on charge overnight.
  • Do not let the battery go below 20%
  • Invest in power banks to avoid using an electric outlet.
  • Never use apps that claim to enhance your battery life.
  • Do not fall for cheap and low-quality chargers as they can damage your phone and even cause electrocution.