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8 mistakes to avoid when charging your smartphone

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In today's time, almost everyone is using smartphones to overcome their technological and professional needs. Soon after some period, they complain of battery life is of great importance. We start blaming the technology and myths that it is meant to degrade after some time. But it's not the actual case, phones nowadays are built in a complete optimization to provide maximum battery life. For this, we need to correct our simple habits of charging if we are doing it the wrong way. In this article, we will look at how to avoid some mistakes when charging your smartphon.

Is it safe to charge the phone overnight?

Charging your phone

When smartphones were still relatively new, it was considered unsafe to charge them all night, for fear of their battery capacity being exceeded. In more than a few cases, smartphone batteries had exploded due to overcharging, and in extreme cases, caused serious injuries to their users.

However, with newer smartphones, over-charging is not an issue. The newer technology chargers and accessories developed by UNBREAKcable are designed to be compatible with all devices ensuring the health, safety, and environmental requirements of UL, CE, and FCC.

UNBREAKcable Avoid Charging to 100%

The batteries in newer smartphones do not need to be charged to 100% — in fact, stress tests have shown that letting your phone charge fully results in the weakening of the battery.

Newer smartphones are equipped with Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are way smarter and more efficient than the previous Ni-Cd batteries. Ni-Cd batteries required:

  • The full first charging session
  • Maximum charge all the time
  • Memory-effect battery timing

But with the transition to Lithium-ion, all old school myths must be discarded. Now, you should not charge it to 100% all the time. Rather it is preferred to charge till 80%. The latest technology chargers by UNBREAKcable are of trusted quality to ensure complete safety.


UNBREAKcable Don’t wait for 0%

The same is also true for when your phone reaches 0% — reaching either of these extremes is bad for your phone's battery in the long run. If you want your battery to for a longer time, keep it in between 20% and 80% battery. The charging of the battery from 0 to 100 causes:

  • Extreme stresses on battery
  • Battery wears out
  • Battery life decreases
  • Changes in chemical components

So, try to charge as the phone approaches 20%. This practice will ensure long battery timings and battery life. Above all do make sure to use certified chargers by UNBREAKcable that are durable and completely safe.


UNBREAKcable Charging in short intervals

The latest Lithium-ion batteries have different chemical properties than the predecessors. The technological recommendation is to charge in short intervals. This short interval charging helps the chemical composition to remain stable and avoid high charge differences in a short time.


UNBREAKcable Use the Certified Charger


You might have heard of incidence related to phone charging blasts. Or phone caught fire while charging. Remember, a faulty charger can not only cause damage to your phone but can also harm its user. A different charger can cause:

  • Uneven voltage supply
  • Overheating the battery
  • Swelling of battery
  • Burst the battery

Syncwire charger is specially designed to charge universal devices at almost 100-240V and covers 50-60Hz. These values are synced with the battery specification and if any charger used above or below these values leads to disruption.

Use a charger that is authentic and company certified is ultimately the safest option for all users. A cheap charger runs the risk of catching fire, which is ultimately going to harm a phone's user more than the phone itself. Whereas running for a high-tech flawless and reasonable charger can be easily found on Syncwire. The services are easily understandable with trusted quality.


UNBREAKcable Battery overheating

High temperatures, like high voltages, stress smartphone batteries, which ultimately affects the longevity of the battery. This is one reason why experts recommend smartphones should be changed several times a day, instead of over one long period, and why fast charging is frowned upon.


UNBREAKcable Higher Voltage chargers

The higher voltages in fast chargers lead to the device getting hotter while charging. So, leaving your phone on your car dashboard on a hot day, or charging it under your pillow overnight, can seriously damage it in the long run.

So, it is recommended to:

  • Appropriate charger
  • Short spurts of charging
  • Medium paced chargers

UNBREAKcable Usage of the phone while Charging

There have been instances when people used to advise, do not use the phone while charging. It radiates high energy waves that interact with your neural and circulatory system.

Let us put a full stop on whoever started this. It is the 21st century, and you can use your phone whenever you want. Rather you do not want to leave the phone alone too.

UNBREAKcable Close the Unnecessary Background Apps

There is a lot of software that uses your location settings. This software is the real drain on your battery. Try to get rid of these applications when not in use. Moreover, reduce the load of background applications. This will help enhance your battery life.


UNBREAKcable Recommendations to enhance battery life

The above discussion has brought forward some main points that can enhance your battery timings. Moreover, a lot of past information has turned out to be a myth with technological advancements. So, in a nutshell, we can deduce that:

  • Use the specified chargers only
  • Do not overcharge in the greed of 100%
  • Try not to drain it till 0%
  • Adopt charging in short intervals
  • Reduce background applications load
  • Use location services only when needed
  • Try rebooting your device more often

Smartphones are no longer just phones; they are called smart for a reason. A transition of battery technology to Lithium-ion has phased out a lot of problems and shortcomings with the previous Nickel-metal battery. These batteries are more:

  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Efficient
  • Fast charging
  • No health issues

With all this, there are only a few things that we need to adapt to our practices. It might be a slight challenge in the beginning but later it will ease out. These smartphones rather are an investment we make in our lives, and as such, they need to be maintained and cared for in such a manner. With a few careful precautions, your phone’s battery life could be greatly enhanced.