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12 Best Free Wallpaper Apps for iPhone 12

We understand the struggle for most of you to get access to free wallpapers. Searching online or on the App Store through the limited free wallpaper apps is the only viable method. 

That's why we wanted to help you in your hassle and compiled a list of free wallpaper apps (available on the App Store), that puts you just two clicks away from truly immersing your character traits in your iPhone.

The following apps provide access to free iPhone wallpapers on the App Store:

  • Vellum Wallpapers
  • Icon Skins & Themes
  • Everpix
  • Kappboom
  • Live Wallpapers 4K for Me
  • Magic Screen
  • Pixs
  • Unsplash
  • Atlas Wallpaper
  • ZEDGE Wallpaper
  • Clarity

1. Vellum Wallpapers: Top Choice for Artistic Wallpapers

The majority of the pictures on this app have been made by artists and designers, and you will definitely find a ton of them enrapturing. Even the user interface on the app is a treat to the eye. 

Vellum Wallpapers

Why we recommend:

● The most prominent one is that it lets images be blurred while being edited as the wallpaper.

● It allows an easy preview of the wallpaper as the home screen and lock screen wallpaper without exiting the app.

● Updated daily. 

● Every wallpaper is carefully categorized for easy accessibility. 


2. WLPPR: Top Choice for Lock Screen Wallpaper

WLPPR is a truly unique wallpaper app. If you love nature and astronomy, this is the app to get. The wallpapers present in the application are all high definition and taken from satellite imaging of landmarks and celestial objects in space. Not only does the app provide the pictures, but it also provides scientific information regarding the images. The captured celestial images that are present as wallpaper are really aesthetic.


Why we recommend:

● You can bookmark any wallpaper that you like.

● The user interface is simple, making it accessible for you to find the perfect wallpaper for you.

● New collections are added regularly.

● You can also choose between parallax and normal size.

3. Icon Skins & Themes: Top Choice for Unique and Cool Wallpapers

If you are looking for unique, funky, and cool new wallpaper ideas, Icon Skins and Themes are what you should get. All the wallpapers existing here are sorted accordingly.

Icon Skins & Themes

Why we recommend:

● Compatible with iPhone X and above. 

● Has high-quality wallpapers.

● Regular weekly updates are made to the wallpapers.

● It's home to many homemade wallpapers. 

● In-built tools can add a blur filter to the wallpaper. 

4. Everpix: Top Choice for HD Wallpapers

Looking for 4K wallpapers that make your iPhone look super cool? Then you should get Everpix. It has about 4000 wallpapers that are updated on a regular basis.


Why we recommend:

● The wallpapers are carefully categorized for easy access later.

● Marking a wallpaper favorite helps bookmarking wallpapers that you seek to apply later.

● It also lets you preview the wallpaper so that you know how it would look on your home screen and lock screen when applied. 

● It is a free app to use but a one-time payment of $2.36 can get you access to every wallpaper on the app. 

5. Kappboom: Top Choice for an All-Rounder Wallpaper App

Kappboom is a truly inclusive wallpaper app, it provides you with cool facts, quotes, and even drink recipes. Kappboom gives its user the ability to edit the wallpaper and then use it to their own liking. Even collages can be made in this app.                        



Why we recommend:

● It features about 200,000 wallpapers. 

● Its image search feature can be utilized. 

● You can start a slideshow to see the type of wallpapers available at the app.

● It allows you to make collages which can later be used as wallpaper too.

6. Live Wallpapers 4K for Me: Top Choice for Live Wallpaper

Live Wallpapers for Me provides you free access to many live wallpapers. You have a choice of animated live wallpapers from the list of categories.

Live Wallpapers 4K for Me

Why we recommend:

● The user interface of the app allows access to different languages.

● New wallpapers are added on a weekly basis.

● Offers a nice range of 4K live wallpapers. 

● The categorized collection is neatly managed.

7. Magic Screen: Top Choice to Make Your Own Wallpaper

The app is magic, not only does it have animated wallpapers of its own, but it also allows its users to customize and design their own wallpapers. This app helps you create a wallpaper that suits your mood. 

Magic Screen

Why we recommend:

● Text can be added to the wallpaper with a choice of 150 fonts and 20 templates for the calendar.

● Allows you to turn your photos into a GIFand live wallpaper that can be used as a wallpaper.

● You can even share your own customized wallpaper on the platform.

8. Pixs: Top Choice for the Cleanest User Interface

The user interface is kept simple by only keeping high quality and limited wallpapers on the app. Primarily great for those who would like to avoid the hassle of going through a lot of random low-quality wallpapers.


Why we recommend:

● It is an advert-free app, so it is great if you want to avoid being annoyed by unnecessary ads.

● It is a very neat and well-managed application, making it easy to use.

● One high-quality wallpaper is added daily.

● Unlimited wallpaper for 1 year free trial.

9. Unsplash: Top Choice for Aesthetic Photographic Wallpapers

Unsplash is a community of photographers and artists that give the best wallpapers that are out there. The wallpapers are exceptional due to the fact professional photographers too at times submit their images here.


Why we recommend:

● Simple user interface.

● All the wallpapers are one search away from you.

● No advertisements.

● A huge range of free wallpapers.

10. Atlas Wallpaper: Top Choice for Geographical Wallpapers

As the name suggests Atlas wallpapers are linked with maps. The wallpapers are made by setting a location on the map and it becomes your wallpaper. 

Atlas Wallpaper


Why we recommend:

● Allows you to search the location you want to make the wallpaper of.

● The wallpaper can be easily customized.

11. ZEDGE Wallpaper: Top Choice for Vintage Wallpapers

Zedge has been around for ages in the iPhone Appstore. It is home to the largest library of wallpapers available in the Appstore.             

ZEDGE Wallpaper


Why we recommend:

● It is the oldest iOS application to feature wallpapers so that means it's home to a large number of wallpapers.

● It even has wallpapers from previous versions, so it could help bring back nostalgic memories.

● It is completely free.

12. Clarity: Top Choice for Elegant Wallpapers

Clarity provides a wide range of options that you can explore in order to get the perfect wallpaper for your device. It allows you to edit your own pictures that you can then use as a wallpaper. It also works as a platform for sharing photography and wallpaper designs and is home to high-quality live wallpapers too.


Why we recommend:

● Allows you to use a blur filter for home screen wallpapers.

● Helps create text wallpapers with quotes for your lock screen wallpaper.

● Allows you to edit your own pics to make them your wallpaper. 

● Allows you to save high quality, normal and live wallpapers.

● Also lets you edit present wallpapers.


If there is any kind of wallpaper you seek, it will definitely be in one of the 12 apps we mentioned. We also categorized what they are best for so that you could narrow down your choices easily. The features of each app have been put in front of you, for you to choose wisely. 

Do remember that live wallpapers consume battery a bit faster and they would not animate under the condition of low power mode. Apart from that, enjoy and do try out these unique wallpaper apps to experiment with both your lock screen and home screen background. 

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